Locate a Farmers Market With Some API Magic

I've been wanting to learn the Google Maps API for a while, so I decided to bake up a little project to help me learn. I also recently ran across some useful government APIs, and the USDAseemed to be a perfect fit for this.

At first, the concept sounded pretty simple. Grab the JSON data from the USDA API in plot it on the map using the Google Maps API. After looking at the Maps documentation, I found out I was in for a challenge! The API is HUGE.

I struggled with the projct for a while, but the end result was what I was looking for. Using GeoLocation or a zip code, I am able to find all of the farmers markets across the counrty. Give it a try.

I created a four part tutorial video on the creation of SeedTip. If you're interested, check it out on YouTube. The code is also open sourced on GitHub.

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