Dig Deep: Using The Amazon API to find the best hidden deals

Earlier in the year I learned of a small sub division of Amazon called Amazon Warehouse Deals. This division exclusively handles the "used" and "open box" items within Amazon. I searched around for some products and found a few killer deals. I quickly found out this was a very lucrative, but time consuming process.

Time to solve a problem.

I dug into the Amazon API docs and started writing some basic code as a test. I quickly realized that Amazon wasn't going to make this easy. In fact, the API was recently changed to make this type of crawling much harder, time consuming and resource heavy. As an example, I had to write two seperate processes and make two seperate calls to the API just to return the correct seller (Amazon Warehouse Deals).

A larger write up on the technical challenges is coming. I'm also planning on creating new tutorial videos on the inner workings and "gotchas" of the API. Check out the site and find some great discounts.

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